Other Characters



Airi of Taylyn

Player:  Anya

Status: MIA

Appearance:  In her Mortal guise, Airi appears to be 14-15, with long, pale blond hair which is usually pinned back.  Her eyes' color is somewhere between gray to pale blue. Strikingly sad expression in her eyes. She might be smiling but there is always some sadness there, and stands about 5'6". 

In her true Fae form, her ears look like little wings (she still can hear all right). Also, her hair is a mix of hair of multiple rainbow hues and thin white feathers. She is able to veil all that. She is unnaturally light for her size and seems to weigh little more then a 7 year old child.

Personality: Airi is generally very kind to others, yet reserved with a melancholy air to her.  Yet, despite this she generally acts quite childish, overcoming her sad air from time to time.

Information:  Airi is of a legendary sub-race of Fae called the Taylyn, rumored to be tied closely to Fate iteslf, and with the ability to glimpse into the future.  She was banished from the realm of Fae due to to a broken gease that was placed upon her:  She had broken the code of the Taylyn and taken a side during a battle in Fae; due to her involvement she was captured by an Eldhe noble, Gilgas, and presented to his Queen, who imprisoned her and stole many of her memories, to keep her as a pet for her voice and her talents.  She pronounced a curse on her, that if she were to ever escape, she would be banished from the realm of Fae forever.  Even the queen herself did not expect the curse to take hold, but Fate is capricious, and sealed it as punishment to Airi for breaking her kinds' laws.  When one day she did attempt to flee, the curse took hold and she faded into the mortal realm. 



Natalie Frewin


Player: Xander

Status: Active

Appearance:  Natalie stands about 5'6", with brown eyes and shoulder-length (short for the time) brown hair.  Natalie is very much the rebel for the time period, and frequently dresses in mens' clothing.

Personality: Natalie is very independent, and incredibly tomboyish, especially for the time.  This stems ultimately from her anxieties about ending up in a situation where she will be subservient/controlled by someone else (in marriage or otherwise.)

Information:  Born in London, her mother died shortly after her birth, leaving her to be raised by her father and her two brothers.  Her mother's last wish for Natalie was to somehow raise her status above that which she was born to (lower-middle class/working class.)  After many years of following her brothers around and getting a more masculine upbringing, and lots of saving on the part of her father and brothers, they bought her way into a university to help her follow her mother's wishes.  There, she studied geology and archaeology, actually becoming interested in the studies themselves instead of just socializing with the men.  One summer, she was accepted to  participate on an archaelogical dig excavating Coventia's well in with John Clayton.  During this summer, she was outside a lot, and away from the more reserved atmosphere of the university.  Until this point, Natalie had conformed to standard dress procedures of the time, but as she participated, she still did not get respect from the other men because she was a woman.  One day, frustrated with it all, and cynical about her mother's wishes, she cut off her long hair, and began wearing the normal excavation-type clothing that the other researchers wore.  This had marginal success... the men viewed her as strange still, but not so much like a woman.  One night, she was the only student left out for more excavation (they had just discovered a large amount of gold coins, and most of the rest of the team was inspecting the find.  She found a small statuette of the goddess Coventia, and while dusting it off, activated a curse placed on the well to protect the donations to the goddess.  The statue seemed to speak to her, and pronounced that she "will live in interesting times."  Since then, extreme fortune - both good, but mostely negative, has plagued Natalie.  After she told the team what she had seen, they suggested a "rest" for her from the dig and from the university.



William Dodson

Player: Brian

Status: Active

Appearance:  About 5’9”, mid-long brown hair and hazel eyes with a light build.  Looks about 19-20 years old, average all over.  Mid-length brown hair goes about halfway down his ears and slopes down towards the back.  He wears middle class clothes with a vest (think respectable college student) and a brown duster.

Personality: “Tell me anything, I’ll believe it.  …..No, really!”  About sums him up.  Too curious to not want to know everything and too naïve to not believe any of it tends to get William into trouble, or at least taken advantage of.  He’s adept at locating rare finds and things thought to be “lost” to the world at large, from ancient pieces of art to a friend’s wallet, lost in their own bedroom. 

Information:  Born in America, William’s parents were members of the English middle-class, and left their jobs as teachers to seek a wealthier life in America.  When William came of age, they decided he should get the best education possible, and sent him back to England to get his education.  William excelled as a student, spending most of his time reading and studying in the library, unable to satisfy his unending curiosity.  When not studying, he helped the library staff locate rare and lost texts for their collection.  A classmate, Louis Bardell, took notice of William’s talent for location and enlisted his help in finding some rare artwork that his wealthy parents were trying to purchase.  After succeeding and proving his skill, Louis told William that he was withdrawing from the university to work for his father, and asked him to follow.  Eager to see the outside world and confident his self-study had prepared him for life after college, William agreed.  Before he left, however, one of his walks through the library ended with his discovery of an ancient book of the supernatural.  Flipping through it as though it was any other history book, William quickly realized the tome held actual documentation of real supernatural events and methods to carry them out.  With too little time even for him to read it, he purchased the book and left with Louis on a boat bound for France.  Unable to concentrate in the tiny quarters provided, William found he was able to read best up on deck.  In the book he acquired the knowledge of the materials and procedures required to project his soul out of his body and walk amongst men as a spirit, unseen and unheard.  Walls and natural barriers would not impede him, and he could move faster than any other modern method would allow.  His curiosity and desire to be able to move freely much farther than finances or time would allow to increase the accuracy and speed of his searches pushed him to read everything he could about the technique.  Unfortunately, his clumsiness sent the book tumbling over the railing and into the sea before he read the consequences of the spirit-travel.  When he arrived in France, Louis told William he was to be hired as an undercover investigator for the government.  His job was to find out information on the location and activities of certain “dangerous individuals” as deemed by the government, so that justice could be brought to them.  Skillful at first, William became the best in the organization once he tested and began to use his spirit-traveling ability to tirelessly seek out his assignments unseen and unrestricted by the doors they shut to the outside world.  While away from his body on his latest mission, however, another spirit inhabited his body and literally walked off with it.  Returning home to find it gone, William found himself trapped as a wandering spirit, and must attempt to interact with anyone he can – even his last targets – to find a way to exist comfortably or to return himself to his body.



Eleanor Edmundson

Player: Casey

Status: Active

Appearance:  Elly is very exotic looking. She is petite and very frail, standing only 5"2'; she has never worked a day in her life or spent much time in the sun, and her smooth white skin shows it.  Her eyes are the most exotic things about her, they are an odd shade of blue (like dark denim) and they are slanted a little, very gypsy. Her long black hair is usually half up/half down, or all up. If all down it hangs at her waist.

Personality: Due to Elly’s own depressed nature; she fears the depression in others. She hides her own depression by a false cheer so that no one can tell her pain.  She desires nothing more than happiness in others. She believes it was her job by the gods to bring others happiness. And if she does her job well enough the gods will also reward her with her own happiness.  Most of the time others do not know what is good for them, which is why she is here to help.  She will stop at nothing achieve this goal.

Information:  Eleanor comes from a long line of Gypsy women who were proficient with potions.  However, they drastically changed their status begining with her grandmother.  Her grandmother concocted a love philter to snare a young eligible nobleman into marriage.  From there, they lived the life of wealth and priviledge.  Elly's mother, the eldest daughter of her grandmother however rejected her gypsy heritage and instead focused on a life of shallow decadence.  Eleanor, the youngest child of her mother, was sent to be raised by her grandmother as a vague peace offering to smooth over an unstable relationship between mother and daughter.  Eleanor thus, was taught the ways of her gypsy heritage, of potions, and grew up believing that women, especially her family, could have any man they chose and should not be taken lightly.  She did as she was taught, and snared a man when she was of marrying age.  She made him love her, and thought that she loved him in return.  However, with his untimely death in an accident, she was crushed, and set out to take a holiday to clear her melancholy.



Marguerite Fleur

Player: PawsCat

Status: Inactive

Appearance: Tall for a woman of Victorian Times, Marguerite stands 5'8" in bare feet.  Her large, almond-shaped eyes are an almost artificial looking shade of pale green that somehow manages to be both smokey and crystal clear at the same time.  Her hair is of a rare blue/black and falls in large wavey curls to her ankles when unbound.  She is very French looking, with wideset eyes and high cheek bones balanced by a full mouth that is naturally an almost crimson color.  Her figure follows the theme, and her clothing is carefully chosen to accent her long legs and hourglass shape.

Personality: Publicly, Maggie is friendly and 'sociable' to all.  She takes her job seriously and works at getting clients.  Flirtatious with both men and women, she seldom allows her mind to dwell on anything too intense.  Get her angry, away from an 'audience', or in private, and her work facade melts away to reveal a hardened and fairly bitter woman who isn't afraid to manipulate to get what she wants.  Fiercly loyal to those who she deems worthy, and not afraid to backstab those she doesn't, she's a force to be reckoned with.  It often seems as though she's hiding from something, a theory supported by her often hunted looks and sarcastic comments.

Information: Marguerite Fleur was known in London as being one of the best elite ladies of the night in all of London. She came across Sabin on his first night in the city. While Sabin was quickly intrigued by her fire and other (very powerful, as the party would soon come to learn) magical abilities, Maggie was indignant that Sabin wouldn't give into her charms and pay for her services. A interesting friendship arose, and Maggie left London with Tavis, Sabin, and Samantha and traveled with them to York. During their stay there, Sabin and Maggie had a falling out of their friendship (thanks to the Anju taking control of Sabin) and decided to stay behind in York working as an herbalist when the group moved on to a new location. 




Player: Yuki

Status: Inactive

Appearance: Skaelia is rather small and helpless looking by appearance (though she is far from it) standing only 5’1’’ with slender childlike curves and warm hazel eyes that tend to change color with her mood. She is fairly well endowed for only being 16 years of age, but she’s often undermined by the older, more developed females around her.  Skaelia is neat and well groomed, though her fancy gowns are quite tattered from travel and over use.  She nearly always wears green velvet and leaves her hair down.  The thick auburn hair (her best feature) falls in smooth waves down her back and curls in on the ends. 

Personality: At first glance Skaelia appears shy and quiet, yet not unfriendly.  Though she is weary of giving out her trust freely, her curiosity often gets the best of her and causes her to go poking her nose where she shouldn’t. Normally she’ll sit in the background and observe those around her before making her move, but once she opens up her naturally cheerful personality seems to charm all those around.  She is seductive in her own way without even trying to be or knowing what she does.  Though she appears innocent, she is far from it…just naïve.  Once a person wins her over she would follow them to the ends of the earth. However, it takes a lot to get to this level with her.  Evasive in uncomfortable situations, Skaelia can unintentionally be coy and evasive to incredible levels of frustration…though in her mind she is only being playful and cute.  She tends to give the impression of being vulnerable…enough so that most reach out to protect and defend her. However, she is so independent that she adamantly refuses this help, determined to do all things for herself (even when she can’t handle them) and not to look weak.  Ever the daring adventurer, Skaelia is nearly all talk…and this seems to get her into HUGE trouble.

Information: Skaelia was born among Irish nobility, which in British terms means she’s a peasant -_-

Her birth parents were Shaeden and Brayce Connor, kindly down to earth people who had started to conform and submit to British rule.  However, Brayce’s handmaid, Laurel, was quite devout to the Irish customs and the ‘old ways’.  Laurel’s devotion to the pagan gods paid off; one day an oracle sent her a message. “Soon a child will be born to this house…you will name her Skaelia and teach her the old ways. When it is her time you will send her to her teacher so that she can learn her heritage, for she is descended from a goddess.” Laurel took this message to heart and when Skaelia was born, she followed instructions.  Throughout Skaelia’s childhood she would make talk of the things Laurel told her, and her parents never took her seriously. However, as she got older she learned to keep this to herself.  The world in her time was a scary place, contrary to her sheltered upbringing, and demanded that people not stand out.  Laurel warned her of this, and tried to teach her the workings of the world, but only experience could prove it to Skaelia.

When Skaelia was 15 and just starting to come into society a horrible outbreak occurred in her land.  The Irish rebelled and blamed it on the poverty that the British were causing.  In repercussion, the British went on a rampage and slaughtered as many of the Irish nobles as they could get their hands on.  Skaelia’s family was one of them…

One night when she was asleep she woke up to the screams of the servants. Her parents had already been killed and everyone was fleeing.  Laurel grabbed her by the arms and tried to lead her to escape, but was injured.  As Laurel lay there dying she told Skaelia about the prophecy and that she must find her teacher, wherever he may be.  Traumatized by the events, Skaelia ran as far away from her homeland as she could get, trying to block out everything that had happened.  Now a year has gone by, and she is in search of the one who can give meaning to her life and reveal her destiny.