This section is dedicated to all the pieces that (mainly Kamiki and Arania) have commissioned other talented artists of our Victorian Legends characters ^^. 

Some images may contain artistic nudity, those that do have a large BLUE or  PURPLE Border.

All of the characters depicted are copyright Arania, Kamiki, and Tavis, respectfully,  however all credit for the artwork is cited per piece.


Absolutely adorable commission of chibi Sabin from Benedite of Yum Yum Studios
Another, more serious and sweet image of Sabin and Samantha, also by Benedite of Yum Yum Studios
A commission by Hannibal King, of Sabin and Samantha - I really like how Samantha turned out, although Sabin looks a bit too angular.
Brian leBlanc, of White Wolf and other RPG book fame, is an amazing artist - and we've been lucky enough to commission several drawings from him.  I love this piece, of Sabin regarding himself in the mirror, reflecting back the Anju ^^.
This is a color piece collaboration commission by Brian leBlanc with Richie
Another commission piece by Brian leBlanc, of Sabin's proposal to Samantha.
A beautiful nude Samantha with the Anju looming behind her by Brian leBlanc - based off a sketch that Sabin did in the RP of Samantha, and his addition of the anju.
Back when I was actively collecting anime cels, and before I got a lot of the commission artwork, Kamki and I (Arania) commissioned a couple of fancels of the characters - these are painted onto acetate.  This one is of Sabin by Coby of Hyperenity Studios
This is the one Kamiki commissioned of Sabin and Samantha with Simon, also by Coby of Hyperenity Studios.
This neat and creepy fancel is of Sabin, with his darker self looming behind him, is by Amy of Moonshine Cels
A beautiful commission of Sabin and Samantha dancing in a courtyard in the moonlight by Apsylus.  Rich detailing!  Especially on Samantha's dress!
Kamiki and I each commissioned Lauren Liebowitz, a really nice artist whom we met at A-kon, a year or so ago - this is the one that I (Arania) had her do.
And this is the commission that Kamiki had Lauren draw - inspired by another of her sweet drawings.
Sabin holding a nude Samantha - commission by Alex Cidman for Kamiki's birthday.  The black and white original (with more detail IMO )  is here.
Samantha with Sabin's Tophat by Toren - an adorable picture of Samantha ^_^
Sabin in a Tophat commissioned by Toren and companion to the piece above ^_^ - really cute job and great clothing!! :D
A commission of Sabin by Yapi - very cute, and a wonderful artist to work with!  Thank you, Yapi! 
Sabin and Samantha by Forky - Sabin's hair looks gray here because the artist accidentally drew him with black hair originally and it had to be corrected ^^;
Susan Meyer is another really fantastic artist whom I met at A-kon.  This is a really neat rendition of Sabin, to match with the below picture of Samantha.  Unfortunately, she didn't have time to do two color pieces at the convention, but I fully intend to bring this back to her next year (as well as commission her again before then :)
Here is the complementary and colored piece to the Sabin drawing above by Susan Meyer, of Samantha with her familiar Simon.
Sabin/the Anju in playing-card format by Susan Meyer - a really AWESOME piece!!!
A simply STUNNING commission from GlassShard of Sabin and Samantha from back when Sabin was still in the very unstable period of his possession - in this piece, Sabin has just snapped back into control after having done something very... violent, a crazed look still in his eyes, and Samantha approaching hesitantly and frightfully, but still concerned.  This piece was very long in the waiting, but WELL worth it, in my opinion!  Glass is an incredibly talented artist. 
An AMAZING Painter commission of Samantha from Blackeri. Its hard to believe its not a photo-manip.  The dress is to die for!
And it's compliment, Sabin, also by the amazing  Blackeri. I love the look and feel of the piece - the shadowy hands grabbing for him are amazing!
A commission from Ms, Shatia of Sabin in the shadows, with the shadowy puppet-strings dropping from his fingers :3
A commission by Ivan Flores of Sabin in True Form - met up with him at Aggiecon 2004 - he's a local manga-style artist with some great pencilwork ^_^.
The first of several AWESOME commissions that I got while at A-kon ^__^.  Alan Gutierrez, known for his anime realism style and the Guest of Honor at Akon did a marker piece of Sabin for me ^___^. 
Amanda Cohen - an awesome artist and with some really smoothe ink works did this wonderful Sabin - I love the style and the feeling of this piece - and the simple border really looks awesome ^^
Bink did this very professional manga looking Sabin ink ^^- This is just the middle crop of the full piece - which did not fit in my scanner at all!
I feel horrible, but I only know this artist by his initials, CD - he had a really clean pencil style - and I love the added touch of bloody handprints to Sabin's scarf in this one ^^.
Erica Reis - a phenomenal artist and who has a manga contract through an American publisher that will be coming to fruit very shortly (and also had the table next to us at the con) did this awesome Sabin/Anju piece :::D
Johno!! I've been trying to get art from him since High School and now at Akon I was finally able to nail him down and bribe him to do a Sabin piece - And I really love how it turned out ^^.  John Kantz is now the illustrator of a 4-part comic series called "Legends From Darkwood" published by Antarctic Press.  (Last of the A-kon Commissions :3 ).
Been a while since I've picked up a commission of Sabin off Gaia, but Beast of Oblivion did an absolutely FANTASTIC job on this pencil piece I commissioned as a compliment to the earlier mirror pencil piece by Brian LeBlanc ^___^
From Bettina of Dreamworld Studios - a dual portrait of Sabin and Ambrose - both looking quite sexy and dynamic!  I love the detail that she integrated into this piece and her signature swirlies ^_^
Thanks to Mekania from Gaia, She pointed me at Malicekisho on Deviantart who did this fantastic daguerreotype-like piece of Sabin ^__^
I commissioned Anamya to do this awesome CG realism of Sabin!!! Closeup shot of JUST Sabin is here:
A stylesheet I commissioned Sajhiri (from Gaia, but with real $) of Sabin - showing off all the important things that ideally I could show to another artist, say at a convention, for more commission ^__^.
And the first commission made from above stylesheet at Aggiecon - by Chris Griffin :3
A-kon came around again!  And with it a LOVELY batch of new artwork ^___^.  Nana7 is one of those artists who is FAR too talented for her young age of 14 ;_; - but she did a fantastic marker piece of Sabin~!
And because she didn't like how it was turning out (I think his top hat was winding up to be too large) she also did a sketch of Sabin for me :)
Ninja Monkey studios did a very lovely and characteristic ink piece of Sabin :)
Sakai Hamachi, a Japanese artist (I believe in association with White Lightning studios) was a very nice man, and spoke very little English.  However, I spoke enough Japanese to speak with him for about 20 minutes and explain to him that I wanted a commission of Sabin, and got this fantastic piece from him!!!  So professional, and so beautiful!
Scrambled Eggs also did a very smexy Sabin - decked out in jewelry ^_~
Shiawase has a beautiful colored pencil style - and I absolutely LOVE how she does eyes - and did this beautiful Sabin~!
And last but not least of my A-kon haul, Tessa Stone did a spifftacular Sabin ink piece - Her stylization works really well with capturing a character!  And I love the shadowy effects ^_^
Ana-Hi's very vampy, but lovely Sabin Duvert :3
Artoki's long awated and AMAZING Christmas piece of Sabin and Samantha ^_____^
Peachysticks' amazing CG portrait of Sabin done in an oil-painting style <3
A-kon 2006 Was an awesome year, particularly for art commissions ^_^. This is AW's  Sabin, Dr. Moreau version - a gift from Hige :)
Gary Bedell did a fabulous sketched Sabin with the anju - very characteristic - and I'm tempted to color this some time <3
Kung Foo was doing some amazing watercolor pieces - this one turned out Great!!
I got a face-shot of Sabin from Shiawase last year, and came back for a fullbody version this year <3
Tashiya-Sama, Kung-Foo's friend, was doing markerpieces and did a very cool true-form Sabin ^_^
GunnerRomantic is one of my favorite artists on all of Deviantart - I was thrilled to be able to commission him to do Sabin (and Ambrose - on his page).
ShiroTsuki was an artist at A-kon 2007 and at least that year (where I wasn't spending much money) was the only artist I commissioned to get Sabin Art from
iDNAR is a fantastic anime-realism artist on Deviantart - and this was a commission he did of Sabin that turned out very sexy :3
y2jenn from Deviantart's quick Sabin bust sketch - but still lovely ^.^
Sabin, just opening his extra set of eyes by the talented Tolueno
Ivan Flores "Transfuse" does AMAZING women, and I love his work and am fortunate enough to attend most of the conventions he does, and have been wanting to commission him.  So, on a whim this last Aggiecon, I commissioned him to draw my three main male characters as females.
A-kon had a lot of fantastic artists this year, and I was able to commission six pieces of Sabin (as well as many of Ethan, and one of Ambrose).  This is by LIttleNekoChan - great duality piece ^.^
Edo had some fantastic artwork and I was happy to get a commission from him of Sabin :D  ((A-kon))
Vince Price did some fantastic characteristic pieces of our characters - and Sabin is no exception! ((A-kon))
Anarak did a great marker piece for me  ((A-kon))
Bonnie Tay was doing some lovely watercolors - this si a fun shadowmancy-esque piece  ((A-kon))
And Carly Bayee (?) Had a truly beautiful watercolor style that adapted wonderfull to Sabin  ((A-kon))
Phoenixelement from Deviantart did this awesome, characteristic sketch of Sabin! :D
Kamiki and I have had a collection for a while of a series of breedable horses on Gaia called Soquili.  When the artist who drew their lineart, Leelakin, opened up for commissions I asked for a piece of Sabin and Kamiki each depicted with our first soquili - kind of a mascot image ^.^ It turned out AMAZING :D :D
Sam Skip Sam, a friend who I ran an art contest with, commissioned this piece from Mamabliss for me - a wonderful surprise! ^.^  Her style is very distinctive, and it's cool to see her take on Sabin/the Anju!
Endling on Deviantart has a superb anime-style - and I got a chibi of Sabin from him :3
Saintchase, a very talented artist did this gorgeous pencil piece of Sabin - the tonework is phenomenal on this!
clap-san from Deviantart did this fantastic anime-style Sabin pencilwork!
A really sharp Sabin piece by the talented Tooaya!
And a fantastic, original take on Sabin by the amazing Wen-M!
Three stage Anju Commission from Chibizoo for the minipets site This is Halloween.
Amazingly fantastic Sabin commission from NekoKirara on Deviantart.
Rhazcrossbone's Sabin - she does such fantastic work with markers!
Lutherum's Sabin & Anju
A great speedpaint from Nuclearchild!
I recently started a new campaign set in the World of Darkness and have brought Sabin in as a character.  Things are goin a bit... differently in this version, as a-ka-ka has illustrated here - this is Sabin with Lukas Reinhardt 0:)
Atanvarrdo did a wonderful smirky Sabin here - Great detail and I like how his bigger nose is depicted :)
dokudoku from Y-Gallery Did this great Sabin & Lukas - I visualize Lukas attempting to not be late for a chantry meeting...
I commmissioned Fuchsiart for this AMAZING piece.  In the campaign, Lukas painted, well, this portrait and I can't be happier with the artist I found to make it a reality.  Absolute sweetheart, and this piece is everything I imagined and more.  There is a version with both Sabin & Lukas, and one with just Sabin.
Kousagi did this ADORABLE Sabin chibi!
Nashya did a Sabin aaaggess ago when she was known as Ms, Shatia.  I was tickled to be able to commission her again for this bust shot of Sabin :D
nolife-edi did this fantastic Sabin in all three of his forms!  :D  Wonderful comic-style and great artist to work with!
Pencakes is teriffic at capturing a character in her sketches - getting them so much personality!
Precious Flame nearly completed this fantastic atmospheric Sabin piece. 
rebornedphoenix has a wonderful anime style and did a beautiful Sabin <3
Unassumingpumpkin did this FANTSTIC quirky Sabin - I don't get nearly enough artwork that shows off his quirky side ^^.  I love this one - and she did a great job with the wrist scars, too!
Cris-art did this spiffy quick CG of Sabin and Lukas >3
Littlenechan did a lovely portrait of Sabin!
Tenshi-Naelle did this FANTASTIC darker piece of Sabin and Lukas on the hunt.  Makes me want more pieces that show off Sabin's darker/more violent nature >3  Wonderful job on his true-form, too! 
Dwenda did some bust specials, and also did a fantastic render of Sabin's true-form!
Suuhime did great Sabin piece for me - great presence and nice blend of the modern with the traditional clothing - this is how Sabin would dress formally in the modern era X3.  She's really nailed his face shape, too :)
Oplan30's great cel-style sabin - using his shadowmancy :D
Bardoftheseas really took my breath away with this emotional piece from a scene from the World of Darkness game <3 <3. 
Rhazcrossbones does this AMAZING cutout style chibis - simple style, but each one has SO much personality! 
Fliptanks did this faboo true-form Sabin ^__^ 
Fwips did this smexy and really awesomely styled Sabin x Lukas piece - Love that Sabin is in mid-shift here :)
Alicechan beautiful Sabin & Lukas piece - really intriguing artstyle, and very lovely.
Alicechan also did this dark, "on the prowl" piece of Sabin & Lukas :)
Elengwat did this amazing Sabin & Anju piece - LOVE his style, and I LOVE how the Anju turned out too!
nebulainferno did this wicked Sabin & Lukas looking all kinds of Badass.
Doubleleaf has an amazing sense of perspective and tone with this perfectly rendered Sabin & Lukas "hunting" Piece >3
ladyarrowsmith did this lovely mostly greyscale Sabin & Lukas
Choppington's beautiful softcore Sabin & Lukas piece - love the intimacy in this one.
Celestialess did this adorable Sabin :3  (gift from Kamiki! <3)
madmindinc has an amazing style with textures and realism - I really like the theme of Lukas goading Sabin on, whispering to him
iisjah has this really fun, modern-clothing Sabin (gift from Kamiki! <3)
Nadiezda did this wonderful Sabin using his shadowmancy abilities in a beautifully rendered library scene!
And blueabyss17404 is an amazingly taltented artist, and I love her realistic take on Sabin :)
oneoftwo did this adorable Sabin & Aubrey piece - they look so natural here ^^
Kousagi's Sabin and Anju is a great both-forms back to back character piece ^^
Alath'erna is an adorable style, and I love her Sabin & Aubrey - Sabin here is likely yammering on about something Aubrey really doesn't care about, but is humoring him.
elengwat did this /amazing/ poster-style piece of all the main characters and antagonists from the first part of our online Vampire the Masquerade-setting game.  SO much love for this!
millibayley did this faboo - dark yet intimate piece of Sabin in anju-form with Lukas.  Lukas is so twisted X3.
snowzapped also did a fantastic Sabin & Aubrey casual piece - out shopping!
Mims did this fantastic conceptual piece of how some of the characters tied together in the Victorian era!
Acaciathorn did a great shaowy-magic showing-off Sabin piece :3
wizziedigifreak has such a lovely soft style in this "Yin and Yang" Piece of Sabin and Lukas :3
Audrey Dutroux is an artist I've wanted art from for a while, and I really like how her Sabin & Lukas turned out <3
Sakasagami's Sabin is utterly awesome - certainly one of my favorite stand-alone modern depictions of him :)
kaisel did this street-clothes Sabin :3
Nojitsu did a great Sabin - and was a pleasure to work with :)
litesnake's Sabin and Lukas is a great piece :D
megu-megu did an adorable chibi Sabin - and a surprise gift to me from Kamiki
MayLamorro did this eerie and fantastic piece of Sabin shifting into his anju-form!
Kamiki surprised me on Christmas with this real media piece by Skioppi
Zoomutt from Gaia / Chibizoo from the This is Halloween site did this nifty colored sketch piece of Sabin! :D
Tanathe did this fantastic piece of Sabin looking utterly badass, shifting to true-form and summoning shadows. 
Another fantastic gift from Kamiki - enigmatia pony-fied Sabin ("Shadowmancy") !  I have to admit I've really been digging on the new My Little Pony series X3
snowzapped did this adorable piece of Sabin and Lukas - Sabin wants attention! 
Venlian did this very sexy Sabin & Lukas piece <3
Another sexy Sabin & Lukas piece - by Alath'Erna!
blu3mysticl30 does fantastic realism - I really dig her take on Sabin - who looks unsure of how to pose for a portrait :)
Mims from did a fantastic illustration of one of the scenes in the VtM game I've been playing Sabin in - confronting the ghost of his mother. 
Wolvtrune did this beautiful character shot of Sabin!
A gift from Kamiki, a fantastic shot of Sabin & Kamiki in MLP:FIM Style by reality-unwoven ^^
Keelerleah did this absolutely drop-dead sexy piece of Sabin and the Anju
I was able to commission Pirate-Cashoo, who I got a Gaia commission from ages ago, to get her to do Sabin again in her new and improved artsyle <3
And Sakasagmi did this lovely piece of Sabin and Lukas relaxing together one evening.
Mat27177 on DA did this wonderful stylized true-form Sabin!  Great artist and nifty take on my character :3 
I absolutely LOVE Pample's Sabin - he looks PERFECTLY characteristic here, down to the prominent nose and great modern clothing style - obviously modern but certainly with a Victorian style influence.  This is a perfect reference for the character :)
I got another fullbody commission from fdasuarez (previously blueabyss) of Sabin and the Anju!
and pryce14 did this nifty, outside-the-box version of Sabin with a great, dynamic pose!
Dwenda did this fun, smexy Swimsuit Sabin at the beach X3.  Bulge warning! 8D
Another amazing piece by Elengwat - this one, a multi-character poster-style piece of the main characters from Victorian Legends!
I was lucky enough to nab a rare free commission slot from Emengel - who did a fantastic job on this Sabin bust!  Thank you, Emengel!
Stellacadente113 did this perfectly characteristic piece of Sabin - great features, and awesome setting.  I get the sneaking suspicion that the shadow-axe he made may not be used against the ghosts and ghouls in the building, but perhaps to aid them >>. 
I liked how Stellacadente113 captured Sabin's facial features and build so much I commissioned her for another Sabin piece - I'd been itching for another good Professor Sabin piece - love the way she got his quirkiness in the piece with his posture and expression :)
threshsthesky did this fantastic realism-style darker Sabin piece, bringing one of my mental images to life :)
JuneJenssen did this lovely Sabin portrait!  She was very sweet to work with and quick! :D
Kiara Lime did this great MLP style "Shadowmancy" - a pony version of Sabin X3
Kiara Lime also did this wonderful Sabin done in the Monster High artstyle!  I love her interpretation of the character into the style!
Autumn-sacura did this fantastic Sabin portrait!  I really like her art style :)
Nytrinhia's sabin sketch bust commission
Crisart did this fantastic Den & Sabin piece.  Love his style and the way he is able to depict character interaction!
razuri-chan also has such an amzing grasp of characterization and I LOVE this sketchpage of Sabin & Den! :D
((Now TWO sketchpages!))
Kamiki commissioned this Shadowmancy piece by Faythx!
Nathie has an amazing realism style and I was excited to be able to get his take on Sabin - with a very close to how I visualize Sabin's face shape (and large nose :) )
dirt-chomp was doing some awesome bust pieces - And did a great job with Sabin! :D

Static image:
imhiseternalangel did this FANTASTIC blinking Sabin Chibi gif - I absolutely love it - blinks between his human and True forms X3. 
omocha-san did this fantastic anime-style Sabin
An absolutely adorable piece of Sabin and Den by afterlaughs!
Kamiki surprised me with this beautiful piece commemorating our wedding - Kamiki in her RL wedding dress and Sabin by avionetca <3
A fantastic piece of Den and Sabin - just having crossed the border into Fey from Raw Dream.  Den has stepped forward to protect Sabin, exhasuted from the trip through Dream and just having reverted from Anjuform, from another borderguard.  Art by Stellacadente113
I loved the first piece I got from omocha-san - so when she opened some sketch commissions, I wanted to get a second piece with his true form, and I love it, too!
In honor of Kamiki and my wedding, she commissioned a piece of Sabin and Kamiki in a nupital fashion <3.  This is done by the talented akakaball!
FANTASTIC true-form Sabin by the talented inkydemon - I love this piece - fantastic facial structure with the big nose, and I love the detail rendering here. 
A sketch commission from the talented alexweeks of Sabin
Fantastic Commission from the awesome shadow-wolf of Sabin starting to shift to anju-form!
A super cool Anju commission from HanMonster!
An anju interpretation by slow-burn - cool style, though needs mroe wispies :3
Doubleleaf 's incredibly sexy Den & Sabin in a fight... sort of >3
Pample's Den and Sabin >3
NSFW: I did a bit of a collaboration with this commission from tybay.  Funtimes with Den and Sabin >3.  I added shading/some extra colors to the pieces.  Tybay-only version HERE

Saniika's fantastic sketch portrait of Sabin.  UPDATED: Colored version of Sabin as well as a Sabin & Den combination - colors added by me :)
alexweeks did this fantastic piece of Sabin starting to shift to anjuform!
Fantastic Anju reference sheet/poses by Nhyra
An adorable anime-style couples piece of Den and Sabin by hikari-chan
A nifty and cute sketch page + colored image by avionetca
A fantastic piece that we commissioned JuneJenssen to celebrate my RL wedding with both of us drawn as our most personal Original Characters, Sabin and Kamiki.
Outfits are based on what we wore, and the location/background is the same :)
Anju and True-form Sabin sketch Commissions by Nytrinhia
Lovely shadowmancy-casting Sabin by Le-Vent-Art
I adore this Den and Sabin piece by InkyDemon - great characteristic piece of both characters.
A beautiful piece that my wife, Kamiki, commissioned for our first wedding anniversary.  Sabin and Kamiki in outfits inspired by our wedding outfits, by demon-rae

steintr0ll does AMAZING art dolls - and I was lucky enough to commissioner her to do one of the anju!  Here are some fun/funny photos she took of it X3. 
Speaking of art dolls, this was my anniversary gift to Kamiki - both Sabin and Kamiki as Monster High characters by nikolai on etsy!
Another commission by the talented Pample!  This one of Professor Duvert teaching his class :3
TovioRogers ran a fantastic holiday sale and I got his take on Sabin!

DoroxDoro is another fantastic artist - and I got her take on Den & Sabin in a set that combines to form a full image - and she even did an extra bust sketch of the two of them!
My wife surprised me with this lovely set of ACEO cards of Sabin & his anju form by her RL friend, Jellyfish Sunday
Irulana's fantastic and amazingly detailed scene with Den and Sabin at a ball in the feyrealm!
InkyDemon's wonderful Anju piece!
Clover-Doe does fantastic M/M artwork and I was able to get an illustradtion of Den and Sabin from her!
I commissioned Elengwat (again) for a 10 year anniversary on Gaia piece of Sabin and Kamiki and other stuff to do with Gaia Online :3
Edward Kraatz II did this quick bust sketch of Sabin at Texas Comic Con!
CowsGoMoose did this fantastic smexy Sabin pinup!
Soturisi did this lovely real media marker piece of Sabin!
Dwenda did this fantastic, ADULT piece of Sabin wearing Den's (much too tight on him) borderguard uniform >3
An adorable Den & Sabin by GalacticDustBunnies - I went to Capitol City Comic Con and picked up a number of con sketches ^_^
Sam Lotfi Had a great style and I really liked his take on Sabin :)
Jerry Rascoe did this fantastic toned piece for me!
Jason Metcalf (professional comic artist) did this great take on Sabin - and it was really great to be able to get a piece from him!
Brad Garneau went above and beyond with his con piece for me of Sabin mid-TF into Anjuform
Seraphimon83 did a great bust sketch of Sabin for me - A friend pieced this up for me at a San Antonio comic convention
Kamiki surprised me with this great couples piece by khallix!
And I couldn't resist getting a MLP-Sabin ("Shadowmancy") by cutesieart
I was able to get a pair of "Emerald Tickets" on Gaia for Kamiki and I, which means we got official artwork from a Gaia Online artist, and have them used in the shops for a month as "shop apprentices!
Virus-AC does some truly breathtaking pencilwork with astounding values.  He did a beautifully sexy Sabin here!
Brilcrist is another artist I'd been wanting art from for a long time, and this "sketch" of Sabin turned out wonderfully with a great, dramatic angle!
Beastlyart has a wonderful style - and this bust shot of Sabin is fantastic!
z-pico's lovely Den & Sabin turned out excellently!

More to come! (Hopefully ^^ )

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