Gift Art and Art Trades 

This section is dedicated to all of the artwork of the Victorian Legends characters that was done by people other than Tavis, Arania and Anya (Commission pieces have now been split onto another page HERE).  These pieces include the pieces we have received of the VL characters from art trades, gift art from other wonderful artists ((Hint: more is always welcome ;) ) and entries for art contests that we have run ^^. 

The Commission artwork has been moved to its own separate page, Here.

The VL art I've received from Go-Gaia is Here.

The Chibi Images above are from Tavis's and Sabin's Avatars from Go-Gaia

Some images may contain artistic nudity, those that do have a large BLUE or  PURPLE Border.

All of the characters depicted are copyright Arania, Kamiki, and Tavis, respectfully,  however all credit for the artwork is cited per piece.

Cute Doodle of Sabin in his human form;  Gift art from Candy of Candy's Art Haven
Another neat gift art from Candy from Candy's Art Haven of Sabin in a mixed form.  This was the first piece of art drawn of any of the characters from someone outside the campaign ^_^.
A really cute gift drawing of Sabin and Samantha from my online pen pal,  Mvchan ^_^
Clint, a friend of ours, drew this neat group shot of the four main characters!  Really nice detailing!
Another gift art from Clint, a sketch of an Anju ^^.
Clint then decided to do a solo of each person's character(s) - this one is an Ink drawing of Tavis and Wolf, Tavis's characters.
Here's Clint's cool ink drawing of Sabin
And finally, Clint did Kamiki's character, Samantha
Brian Stelfreeze, an amazing comic book artist, and wonderful to talk to if you're looking for art advice, drew this for me at the convention where we met - unfortunately I didn't have any references of Sabin for him at the time, and I think he had something slightly different in mind  - however the drawings itself is still wonderful!
A year later, I ran into Brian Stelfreeze again, this time with some references - and he did an absolutely drop-dead amazing job at Sabin *drools*
Brian Stelfreeze also did this amazing Samantha - really taking his time to do the complexities of her curly hair and runes, despite being pretty busy at the convention!
This was an art trade at A-kon with Laura T - a really cute picture of Sabin in a tophat.  Unfortunately, I couldn't scan any of the drawings I did at A-kon, but I brought home some great art trades and commissions ^^.
Spinizuey, an online friend of Kamiki, drew this hot pencil sketch of Sabin for her ^_^
A little later, Spinizuey, also did this color picture of Sabin for Kamiki!
Shane Samedi, an old friend of mine (Arania) drew this for me when we met up again at a convention (it had been quite some time since we had seen eachother.)
An art trade with Shadra D - of Sabin ^^.
A cute quick gift art from AnimeCat of Simon, Samantha's familiar.
A cute picture of Tavis from an art trade between Tavis and Charmaine L. McMurdo from Elfwood
Sabin Art received from Bunny H for the July A Round of MAX (to see what Arania drew that round, visit her Fanart and commission page.)  Very neat effects with the split and filters.
Sabin art for Arania from A. Twu for July B Round of MAX.
Tavis Art for Tavis from Bunny H for July B Round of MAX.
Sabin by Stareyes for Arania for the August A round of MAX.
Sabin by Xalan for Arania for the August B Round of MAX - very cute chibi Sabin! :3
Tavis by Chaypeta for Tavis for the August B Round of MAX - a GREAT job of Tavis as a Satyr!!
Trent, a friend of ours, drew a couple pencil drawings of Sabin for Arania - here's one of him split, with an Anju behind him ^^.
This is another one Trent drew - Sabin with his face in shadows, looking really manipulative ;)
And this is the first one Trent drew - Sabin crouching, coming up from the shadows.
And Trent even convinced an online friend of his, Tygerprince, to draw a sketch of Sabin ^_^.
A really fun gift art by Laura of Sabin, with shadows wrapping around him!  Thanks for the email, Laura! :D
QuinnDarkheart  from Deviantart messaged me and asked if he could do an intrepretation of the Anju :D
White-rice - I sketch traded with her late Saturday night at A-kon and had fun doing so :3 - She did a fun Helsing-inspired Sabin - I love the eyes! ^^
September A MAX of Samantha for Kamiki - very pretty stylized pencil drawing by K Mai
September A MAX of Sabin for Arania - a neat picture of the Anju tormenting Sabin's psyche by Topaz
September A MAX of Tavis for Tavis - Scrap likes Tavis's new horns ;) by Stareyes.  (For some reason my computer doesn't want to download it but my one at work does - I'll upload it in a day or two ^^ )
An art trade by Kememmotar for Tavis.
September B MAX of Sabin sending a shadow servant for pizza, and scaring the delivery boy ^^ - by Dot
October A MAX of Sabin by Tranquil
October B Max of an elegant Sabin holding a rose by the talented Chaypeta
November A MAX Bonus pic by Hinode of Sabin flashing his eyes red to scare a passerby ^_~
November B MAX from Hawk!  The moderator of the MAX art trade ^_^.  He did a really nifty dramatic piece of Sabin!
December A MAX from K Mai of Sabin in neat monochromatics
January MAX of Sabin from Monica ^_^.  Great face-shot of him and lovely detail on the eyes.
BOM Omake exchange - each person had a character that was assigned a different Tarot Card - Morgane got Sabin as the Death card ^_^
September CMAX by Kutaly - a Sleepy Hollow inspired piece of Sabin on horseback ^_^
A trade with Bluebane at Anthrocon 2007 :D
A round-robin style new year's art exchange I did through Deviantart - Arrowheaddragon got picked to draw me and did this neat Sabin-as-a-dragon arts - really neat way she depicted the split between Sabin & the anju side of himself here! 
An adorable surprise gift from Kyo[warumono] on Gaia ^.^  - NAPKINANJU!
A gift from Kaira Lime on Gaia! Modern Professor Sabin :D
Katch gave me this AWESOME piece of Sabin shifting to his true form.  I LOVE how she nails his facial proportions (his big nose :3 ) - and love the "shhhh" narrative here X3
Suuhime did this FANTASTIC sketch of true-form Sabin!  Also great characterization of Sabin's look! :D
A surprise gift from yuo117 from the This is halloween minis site! :D  A really adorable and nicely done Sabin/Anju Chibi! :D
ihaveprobs was a really sweet Christmas Elf on a Deviantart Christmas gift Santa's Workshop club~! :D
And Kamiki got who-died to do a lovely Sabin bust for me! :D
Kiara Lime made this fantastic "Shadowmancy" pony (my Sabin turned MLP:FIM character) out of a blind bag pony ^.^
For our wedding, Citruscupcake from Gaia did this gift art sketch for Kamiki and I ^-^
An awesome birthday gift from Katch on FA! :D

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