Victorian Legends Art by Anya

Anya is a wonderful artist who played a character named Airi (see "Other Characters" Section)  in the game for a while before work and school took over her life.  But, while she played, she contributed some lovely artwork to our collection ^_^

For more of Anya's art, visit her website, Studio Tamago ^_^

A cute get-well soon picture of Airi than Anya drew when Tavis wasn't feeling well. A really neat picture of the entire group at the time of the drawing as chibis. Anya found some neat makers that make plastic window-hangers, and did chibi faces of the group - unfortunately, very few colors were made to choose from. Anya's quite good with chibis ;) - this is a collection of some more Chibis she's done. Despite this shot is from the back of the characters, I still really like this picture, how everyone looks so natural - the group on a boat setting off into the sunset (Tavis would never be this calm ;) )


Natalie glomping onto a rather unsure Tavis. A really awesome picture of Sabin with a sepia feel to it. A complementary Samantha to the previous Sabin piece. Anya having fun with a new tablet - and a cute Sabin profile sketch. A scene from Samantha's childhood - cradling a hurt snake.


Another adorable Tavis oekaki - holding flowers wrapped in newspaper An Adorable Tavis oekaki. A really sweet, adorable picture of Wolf, Tavis and Airi. A colored picture of the sketch to the left ^^.   Airi in her fae form, and Irene, her mortal alias.


    A pretty Oekaki of Airi in her mortal guise in the sunshine. A really spiffy Open canvas of Sabin in true form ^__^  

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