Victorian Legends Art by Arania


Arania, one of the original creators of Victorian Legends, and player of Sabin Duvert, has created quite a bit of artwork of the characters; here is a selection of some of her favorites.

For more artwork by Arania, please visit Arania's Art Page.


Images of Sabin and Anju

The Anju is the six-eyed shadow creature that Sabin has the ability to change into (for more information, see the page on Sabin)

This is a recent color-pencil drawing I did of Sabin, casting an Anju-shaped shadow.  For the original pencil sketch, click here. Another good drawing, IMHO, of Sabin - showing off his physique ;) I got the comment once that I didn't have enough drawings of Sabin acting out his darker, more feral nature - I drew this to compensate ^^; This is a drawing I Photoshopped some time ago for a reference for Sabin's coloring, though his eyes are too blue here (they'd be more gray.)  And over time, and looking at the image, all I can see is the flaws ^^; This is a pencil sketch that I did after the same style of the previous colored picture, at a later point (after Sabin merged), however it still looks a bit off to me.


Another face-shot of Sabin, this one in a mixed form. Sabin casting a spell while shifting forms - I like the way this one turned out, and need to color it. A fluff pic of Sabin and a Dragon - Sabin only wishes that this was from an actual scene. Sabin shifting to Anjuform - this was a fun picture to draw. A half-decent attempt at a more realistic Sabin drawing.


A drawing I did to practice clothing and shading with pencils and smudge-sticks.  I like how it ended up. An older drawing, but a good one still - Sabin back when was still split with the Anju in control. Another pic for fun - Sabin shaping shadows into a dragon-like form. A sketch that turned out halfway decent - I like the face here especially ^^. Sabin in his final humanform, but manifesting claws.


Sabin, after merging, in his True Form. Sabin, when he was about 15 (and still had brown hair!), with his father and mother. Back when Sabin was still split, but after some time, this is when the Anju was in control and being a very arrogant bastard. Anjuform - floating. An interesting picture of him in Anjuform - curled up on a bed and looking hesitantly at his hand.


The original Anju picture - a collaboration with an old friend, Richard.  He sketched it out and I inverted it and photoshopped. Another rather interesting anju picture - this one I visualized Sabin looking in the mirror the first time in this form, and his reaction. Too much free time?  Mayhaps - but anyway, this was a ton of fun to do, though it looks better in person, and before I've had to super-glue appendages, ears, fingers, etc back on. Another anju drawing, I tried to make it look a bit more snarly and fearsome here than looking back I see some of the other anju pictures are. This is the first piece I've done of Sabin in what seems like (and may be) Years.  I owed it to him to use my new skills to do a piece of him <3


Samantha Blaire Pictures

Samantha is Kamiki's Character, and unfortunately I haven't drawn enough pictures of her alone - I have a couple others with her in it  in the "Groups" section.

Another fluff piece I did - this one more up Samantha's alley.  Her in a forest with a large fox/wolf and a Unicorn. A Photoshop image I did of Samantha about the same time I did the bust of Sabin. An Image of Samantha that I rather like - showing off her runes. My newest Samantha picture, and I really like how it turned out :)  


Tavis Harts Pictures

Tavis Harts is, predictably, Tavis's character - and likewise, I haven't drawn a lot of stand-alone Tavis images - however there are more images with him in the "Groups" section.

This is Tavis after, well, a long story involving visiting the realm of Fae and eating things he probably shouldn't have. This is another picture of Tavis as a Satyr, more recently drawn.  I enjoy drawing him like this, can you tell? ^^;      

Wolf Pictures

Wolf, Tavis's other character.  I've drawn a couple pics of him, but he's hard for me to hit on how I visualize him, though.  I have a couple more in the Groups section below.

A more recent drawing I've done of Wolf - I really like how his face turned out, but his body looks too stiff... ah well.        

Images of Other Characters and NPCs

This NPC is a borderguard of Fae, whose responsibility is to guard the edges of Fae (which is located as a sub-realm in Dream) from Anju that might attempt to gain entrance from raw dream. Another NPC from Fae, Glaedial, a wolf beastling / Eldhe (noble elf equivalent) mix. Airi the Fae, sitting wistfully on a balcony on a clear summer day.    


Group Shots

Samantha and Sabin in Anjuform - a size comparison, also showing off Sam's runes. Wolf and the Anju - a scene from the game, in which Wolf was not exactly in his right mind... Sabin, Samantha and Tavis in modern clothing. Sabin, Sam and Tavis - a good shot of the three of them made for the cover of a portfolio of campaign-related artwork.  The color collaboration with Tavis  version is here. Natalie and Wolf, arguing as usual.


Sabin kissing Samantha's neck.  I like how the runes turned out on Sam. Sabin catching Tavis - this version of Tavis, again, from after his encounter in Fae. Sabin intimidating Tavis, back when Sabin was still split. Sabin and Samantha in modern clothing. Sabin and Samantha - I really like how Samantha turned out in this picture, though I'm very eeh about Sabin - he looks far too skinny.  The color collaboration with Tavis is here.


Sabin and Riese - a Photoshop I did a long time ago.  Riese was someone Sabin knew before meeting the current party, and they didn't get along the best... Sabin and Tavis - "Demon" and "Phantom" - a posed shot of the two of them. Sabin and Sir Den Maurlias, an NPC from Fae (who is looking rather tired of listening to Sabin babble.)  I'm pleased with how this turned out ^^    


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