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This section is dedicated to all of the artwork of the Victorian Legends characters that was done from the wonderful people from Gaiaonline.  Via Gaia I have met, commissioned, and traded with slews of wonderful artists.  This page contains pieces of the VL chars and their derivative avatars we've gotten from artists - either through commissions, gifts, trades, and entries for art contests that we have run ^^. 

The Commission artwork is on its own separate page, Here.

The VL Gift and Trade art section is also on a separate page, Here

The Chibi Images above are from Tavis's and Sabin's Avatars from Gaiaonline

Some images may contain artistic nudity, those that do have a large BLUE or  PURPLE Border.

All of the characters depicted are copyright Arania, Kamiki, and Tavis, respectfully,  however all credit for the artwork is cited per piece.

An AWESOME animated gif that I commissioned from Kitsune (now technically retired from av edits) ^__^ - VERY Awesome :D
Sabin by Aisukuriimu - a really cool person from Gaia whom Trent recruited to draw this very spiffy picture!
Sabin Sketch by Neon Clover - she was doing quick sketches for tips
And Kamiki had Mango Boo do this for me for a cute X-mas Gaia gift :D
Kipestshin, a very cool artist I met through Gaia online, drew this neat picture of Sabin in True Form for her half of a fun art trade :)
An absolutely Adorable shot of Sabin and Simon in a very -rare- moment of being nice to each other, also by the talented Kipestshin!
A really sweet piece by Reyn of Sabin and Samantha
Another great commission by Reyn, of Sabin in a shadowed alleyway, smiling as he tips his hat.
A cute piece of Sabin's 3 forms... chibified ^^ by Danime Chan over
An adorable Chibi Chibi Sabin by Samee - commissioned over ^_^.
A neat, more American-comic style portrait of Sabin, by Sajhiri also over
An art commission over Gaia - this by Blue Lightning of Sabin and the Anju ^_^
Another Gaia commission - this one by Daiton - of a REALLY awesome ink on aged paper of Sabin and the Anju - NICE effects here!
And a 2nd, Nifty piece by Daiton of Sabin and the anju! :D
Another over-gaia commission, this one by Matty - of a very nifty, creepy piece of Sabin with little shadow servants! ^^
This is a real treat for me, Ann, of has always been an online artist that I've admired ever since getting into the Kenshin fandom.  I discovered that she had a profile on Gaia, AND not only did she turn in a phenomenal entry for my 2nd contest, but she also drew this young Sabin for me - and did a BEAUTIFUL job! :heart: 
Marbles is a GREAT anime artist that managed to give this small Sabin piece a GREAT amount of detail - just look at the folds in the clothing! :heart:
A "card" by Schaly of Sabin looking QUITE smoothe - NICE pixel editing!
Queen of Dorks did an adorable chibi couple of Sabin and Samantha!
Queen of Dorks also did this, which is almost too cute to be legal :3
Tavis did this cute signature card for me of Gaian Sabin ^_^
Mekuru did this very pretty commission of Sabin in his full Victorian outfit
Mistaken Destiny - to tide me over for a very awesome commission I've been waiting on, did this cute sketch of Sabin and Sam
  Which... as it most unfortunately turned out, MistakenDestiny was never able to finish :(.  But here are the two still-awesome Pieces of the commission - black and white - the first page, and then the main part of the 2nd - Sabin transforming to Anju-form.
Sabin and Kamiki - a really sweet kissing pic by Kafers :3
Dishy did this totally cool piece of Sabin in a vectors-based program!
Selankatt drew this neat, tipsy Sabin in a very original style :3
Daeghan drew this Very characteristic Sabin, leaning against a railing on a cobblestone road, splattered with blood.
Boznic's AMAZING Sabin and Anju piece - wonderful detail here - I was tickled to find that Boznic took Gaia commissions ^___^
A gift art from Hikari Kagiyaku - a Labyrinth-inspired Sabin and Samantha ^_^
Malchicki-poo's Awesome Sabin - She has a very awesome style that seems to build the color up from a grayish tinted colored background :)
Freiheit - from a trade that I did with her - she did a nifty Oekaki Sabin :)
And a REALLY cool, stylized piece by NightmareJester - the artist of the Mendels ^____^
Meriko did this AWESOME Oekaki (Still hard to believe it's oekaki 0.o) of Sabin shifting to his true form, while sipping some brandy and reading through a book with a nostalgic look.
BabyJami's Sabin - a commission I won in an art auction and really like the classic look to it - his expression and steepled fingers.
Marourin's nifty Sabin - lots of movement here and a characteristic smirk.
Sumire Kadou's Sabin - I love the style of this piece - simple and with LOTS of personality.
And I had to include Sumire Kadou's sketch that she did in addition - while just a sketch I love the personality an emotion in this one :)
Superdonut's Kawaii Sabin and Samantha in a very soft style =^^=
Pipimomo's very manga-style vampy Sabin with a very dynamic and innovative pose ^^ - definitely a neat interpretation :3
Vani-chan's Sabin is simply beautiful and elegant - she has so much talent~!!
Tedstill did a very characteristic piece of Sabin in his Victorian garb :3
A cute, quick face sketch from Ivynian ^__^.  Thanks muchly for the gift, Ivy :D No larger version -it's a small pic :)
A birthday gift from Hanasu - a really spiffy animated doll of Sabin in full garb ^__^.   *hugs it* 
A chibi-chibi pixel doll by Spiritweaver XD  So cute!  No larger version -it's a small pic :)
*wide grin* Never a more appropriate guild on Gaia for me to join, the Art Whore Guild - a band of people, like myself, who are thoroughly addicted to buying art commissions - I even got on some of the banners - adorably made by Queen of Dorks :D
Daisuke-kun's in progress of Sabin reaching for his dreams ^_~ - and... well... he might be enthusiastic about meeting other magical creatures, however they apparently are less so of him ^_~. 
Raesha was really sweet and drew a picture of Sabin for me ^__^.  Raesha is a kindred spirit on Gaia - and the founder of the Gaian Art Whore Guild ^_^.  She has about as many pieces of her original characters as I do of mine :)
And Raesha was also a dear and got chibis by Tedstill of all the guild members :3 - here's Gaia Sabin ^_^.
Soti did a wonderful pencil piece of Sabin - catching him being wonderfully dramatic with flair ^_^
MollieDollie's excellent commission of a gothic Sabin and Samantha! 
Arekuchan was doing quick MS paint Mouse doodles during the Gaialympics and I picked up an absolutely adorable one of Sabin :3
And I got one of Zephyree's trademark Vector portraits ^_^
A very professional manga-style Sabin done by Phillis!  Sabin looks very characteristic in his traditional wardrobe here too ^__^.
And Helkh did a most amusing chibi face of Sabin - who frightened himself in the mirror ^^;.
I've newly discovered the Freebie Art forum (well, it's a new forum too >> ) and there are actually some very nice and talented artists who've set up shop - one of the coolest I've met thus far is AsiagoCheese ^__^ - and she did this very nifty rendition of Sabin :)
Sethirius also set up shop there and was giving out quick doodles; while this one IS quick and sketch, it also has a great flaire to it - and I love the smirk :)
Llori's Sabin - tipping his tophat - I wonder what he's going to pull from it ^^;;;; - Maybe it's best not to ask, but I doubt it will be a rabbit... at least not a normal one.
Rayne Winner - an uber nice person - she did Sabin and Ambrose for me :D - This is her Sabin, and did a lovely job especially on his clothing ^^
Pilot!  Gaia Sabin and Kamiki :3  - A very well done American-comic type style :)
Okay - I lied, this isn't art from Gaia.  BUT, it is a series of expressions much like many people use to modify their posts >> - Tavis did this for me a LOOOONNNG time ago - one of the first drawings he did for me of Sabin :D
From ACVan!  A spactacular artist who has been one of the best kept secrets on Gaia, IMHO ^_^.  She's done some FANTASTIC work for various other fellow art whores and did not disappoint with Sabin :3
Arezou did this FANTASTICLY shaded pencil piece of Sabin in a very surreal and dreamlike setting, shifting to anju-form :3  The detail and tones in this amazes me!
Auriana - Wow!  A whole BUNCH of awesome artwork was forthcoming recently - she did a simply TO-DIE for Sabin piece - it's been a while since I've seen a piece of him this yummy ^_~
Spiritweaver - for winning her art contest I got a couple of Oekakis from her :D - This one is her Sabin ^__^
Verdenda - I was lucky enough to catch her oekaki auction right as it was closing and won a Sabin Oekaki ^_^ - This one has lots of personality and I'm quite happy with it :3
Mecromace did a wonderful Crossover piece! :D :D - I love the concept of this - Sabin happening to run across Ambrose - and what might happen?  I wonder ^___^
SimKing drew this wonderful moody piece - I love his use of darkness in this - and Sabin's characteristic grin ^^
Tavis also did a Mimic Fae of Sabin (Tavis sells fae in his shops, occasionally releasing a mimic fae which mimics its new owner in appearance, but still keeping a unique and fae twist on them ^_^)
A "Family" portrait of Sabin, Kamiki (her avatar on Gaia is Kamiki and not Sam) and their child, pulling Simon's ears :3
Ursah Bunny did a realism piece of Sabin - light on a dark background - reminds me of scratchboard art :)
Sayuri Nitta did this adorable portrait of Sabin's Gaia family =^^= - him, Kamiki, with Gavin - their demo- er... child.
And for a Secret Santa gift, Kamiki and I got this piece from Memai Shirosaki of our gaia family as well :)
I'm very embarrassed to say that I can't recall who did this - I was going through old files looking for art that got overlooked for uploads, and this was done by an artist (Tundra Thrivis maybe?) after my BIG (2nd) art contest in explanation to how I got so many entries :3
Reevely sent Kamiki and I this ADORABLE christmas card!!  Sabin and Samantha, geared up for the holidays, and looking utterly cute :cute:
Pach_work's uber adorable chibi of Sabin - I love the addition of the red-eyed shadow behind him ^_^
Mousira drew this for me when she sent a care-package with Pocky along with payment for a commission I'm doing for her :D
lilium really outdid herself with this Sabin portrait - he looks suave and dashing - the two-different colored eyes are also really nifty ^_^
Kiriko artage!  A really spiffin pencil piece of Sabin - The anju eyes in the tophat are a really cool addition :D
Jerrymalou's style lent itself beautifully to Sabin here - wonderful artwork!! :D
--jAdediCe-- did a realistic pencil portrait of Sabin - mmm... so bishi... ^_____^
Hikari Kourien Surprised me with this awesome portrait of Sabin!  the touch of color in his eyes is a nice touch.
Dysfunctional_Kyou does a wonderful job with bishonen, and this marker piece is no exception!  I should be receiving the original in the mail sometime~!
Saitou Puppy ... whoooo... well - he surprised Daisuke-kun and I with this quite amusing pic - Dai and Sabin's relationship can be pretty well described by the next pic, by Daisuke ^_~
Daisuke-kun sent this to me as a "header" for a contest entry he did for my Ambrose transformation contest - I nearly died laughing.  As, well, I was going to go take a shower when he finished and was waiting to AIM me the pic.
AnimeshunZero has an incredibly professional American comic book style, and I was able to commission him for a couple of sketches :)
Here is a 2nd Sabin sketch also by AnimeshunZero :)
Kamiki was WONDERFUL and for Christmas got me a couple art commissions =^^= This first one is by Arafel and is an adorable Sabin and Samantha portrait.
Annnnd - not only did she get me Arafel artage, but she got Reevely to do this FANTASTIC portrait-esque piece of Sabin.  I love the feel and the realism to this one!!!
Jade-Chan did this cute doodle for me for Christmas =^^=
And I did a Gaia Secret Santa art trade: Pandoras Candy did this adorable christmassy Sabin and Samantha for me =^^= - So sweet!
A spiffin black and white commission from Seiji Solitaire
Annnd, a REAL treat for me, Sosiqui colored one of my all-time favorite linearts that I got waay back when about a year ago from Precious Flame and did an awesome job with it!
Evil Disco's awesome Sabin and Samantha couple piece!  Kamiki got this for me for Xmas! :heart:
Isilwen drew me a most spiffy Sabin profile sketch :3
Lu was really sweet and did a Kamiki/Sabin couple pic ^^
And a cute sketch of Sabin from STuD
A VERY awesome piece of Sabin and the Anju by SukiDaiyo4 - I love the symbolism here with the mask, the expressions, etc!!
fox_girl_sakura drew me this nifty pic of Sabin shifting to anjuform :3
unsolvedenigma drew a very pretty, bishi Sabin with the anju in the background.
Nanariel did this lovely marker piece of Sabin AND Ambrose :3
chiichan has a knack for realism, really capturing Sabin here!  He looks so tortured in his eyes - which is definitely appropriate
I advertised Dragoness's art contest during its duration and in thanks she drew me this Gaia Sabin portrait shot :D
Namida Fierce drew this adorable valentine's day anju for me - Is it wrong that I find this so cute? ^^ - I think Creante would be annoyed to be depicted in such a cute manner, but that's his loss and my gain :3
Suki_Daiyo4 has a really neat artstyle and I managed to get several pieces from him - including this real media color pic of Sabin
For Valentine's day,Kamiki got Arafel to do this adorable valentine's day portrait :D
And for my last art contest, Sajhiri drew a VERY impressive piece of Sabin and poisey - but also sent me the standalone Sabin - which I am featuring here =^^=
A spiffin animated gif gift from Arezou - of a ball of shadows bouncing around and forming into a n anju before reducing to shadow again~ entrancing @_@
.BabsBunny. drew me a gift art of Sabin in true form with his anju-form behind him ^__^
And I was lucky enough to snag one of the "free portrait" slots for bumping Demon Angelina's art auction!  Sooo spiffy! 
And another gift - this one a doll from Dizzy-sama :3
And a most cool commission from phoxxhx - of Sabin looking quite dignified :)
Arafel was working on some sketches for me- some with the intention to eventually color, but I've been sitting on this one and the next one for a while, and I REALLY love the concepts - this one especially!  I LOVE the irony of Sabin in Anju form excitedly reading a book about monsters (with an anju on the cover ^__^).  And surprisingly characteristic :3
And another great pic by Arafel - an intrepretation of Sabin at the moment of the possession :3
A cute Chibi Kamiki got me from Feikku :3 - socute!
And a started commission from j4xx... but... unfortunately she decided for some unknown reason to stop here and not finish it -,- - and it was looking so cute!
A giftie from Raesha! :D  A cute Sabin half-chibi :3
And a gift from rillystar for being patient on the commission I ordered at his shop :3 - and a cute pencilsketch in its own right.
At last!  And Worth the wait!  Cheshire's fantastic Sabin piece ^__^  Wonderful atmosphere, and so beautiful!!  Thank you so much Kamiki for arranging this!  The original sketch draft is HERE
Fargokraft did this joke image and posted it in the art contest thread - about all the random glompage going on
And in that note, Mecromace did this hilarious piece of Sabin and her male avvie, C-D - and the unofficial theme of the thread, UNF-age >> - I still crack up every time I see this pic ^^
Mousira drew this spiffy Sabin for my Bday!! :D  Thanks, Mousira!
And Kamiki commissioned Razputin to do this awesome image for my birthday - both Sabin and Ambrose are spot on - with lots of little, very characteristic minor details in the piece!  I love it so much!
A spiffy commission from Sketchytiger from her art shop - her Sabin turned out FANTSTICALLY!
And I had to autobuy Taiyou_Toriko's Ipod auction - he's done such excellent work, and I really had wanted one, and then the idea popped in my mind of an Ipod anju and wouldn't let go - and It had to be done - and it was done so well!
White Coffee's more serious style on Gaia rendered Sabin very characteristically!
AvaHKaedo along with Zhaan did this great, smexy Sabin!
DUDE_narly drew this piece that Kaito gave me as a gift for my birthday! ^___^
A birthday gift from Kamiki by Kajo!
Sirenz's birthday gift to me ^___^
And a commission - in colored pencils - by Suran_Raina
Reitheneko's Bump image she made for Kamiki and I : Our Gaia family!
A most smexy Ryo0oki Sabin done very nicely in her style ^__^
And a gorgeous sketch by Precious Flame - soon to be colored!  And just a part of the big commission set ordered from her.
A giftie from Silencieux: Our two characters facing off, noting similarities
And a freebie from Akkhima of Sabin drinking a soda :3
From Draconayzia: I commissioned an Anju plushie!  A real life one =^^=.  Here is another shot of the near-full body.
And a spiffy gift from Dante-Sayre.  He won top prize in the Sabin category from Kamiki's and my joint contest and won the devil's tail he's been questing a long time for ^^
An absolutely adorable Sabin and Kamiki piece by Arafel
Another, romantic piece of Kamiki and Sabin by Arafel
And a frikking HILARIOUS and characteristic pic of Sabin in anjuform reading by Arafel :whee:
A really spiffy commission by Koumeirah of Sabin and his alter-ego
An adorable gift from Luifer Force ^_^
OneOfTwo finished a fantastic piece that he had started for the art contest !
I won a fantastic colored pencil piece by SayuriNitta !
And Slipkn0t gave me this adorable chibi of Sabin ^_^
I autobought an auction from Digital Stiches and this is the first piece of art I got from her - an awesomely adorable chibi of Sabin ^___^
While I didn't win the Thai artist auction, I was lucky enough to manage one of the few freebie slots in a page number raffle - and lucked out even more getting a full color bust shot piece by Ray Kitsune! :D  This turned out FANTASTIC and is VERY characteristic ^__^
Sotalean's Sabin - and even made the Art Arena top 10 for a time! ^_^  Fantastic costuming detailing and coloring!
Whippy's Bishi Sabin sketch :D
One of three inks I got from Yuoma's art auction :3 - A very vampish looking Sabin, but with cool shadowy effects
Takakun's giftart to me of a Native American version Sabin, a nod to one oft he shops I work for on Gaia, the Soquili
ChimeraNell did this set of amusing Chibis for me ^__^ :D
And another chibi Sabin - hilarious at that - as people have a habit of mistaking Sabin for things that he's not XD
An amazing gift from Mekania, via the artist Uneide - Mek's been a fellow art whore who we've helped pass artists names back and forth several times.  And she thought of me recently and actually commissioned a plushie Sabin for meeee! :D
Anna Jigoulin found my website (not through Gaia technically) and flatteringly enough was so impressed by my characters that she did some fanart of him for me ^__^  Thanks, Anna!
And a second piece from Anna Jigoulin!
Alatarial Rakamash - after RP'ng with her with a semi-alternate version Sabin from the Island of Dr. Moreau RP on Gaia, did this Sabin in Poser - decked out in his loud beachwear XD
A gift from Raesha at Christmas, she got Cheshire H to draw this piece of Sabin at xmas - so cute!
EchoLimaFoxtrot did this cute 'plushie' piece of Sabin and Kamiki ^_^
Iris Virus was my secret santa at Xmas and did this beautiful colored pencil piece of Sabin and Samantha!
Jepster's commission of Sabin and his Anju-nature :3
Kipestshin did this awesome gift for me of Sabin :D  Kip does such nifty artage!
A beautiful piece by Luciole - and one of my major gifts to Kamiki for Christmas - Kamiki and Sabin at a Masquerade ball.
A gift from Emerwyn, [xx]'s Sabin in her style :3
I've been wanting art from 4-th for quite some time - and I was lucky enouhg to snag a colored headshot slot from him.  He did such a wonderful job on Sabin!
From Alatarial, Antidia's artwork of Sabin and the Anju! :D
a sketch slot from bw-inc - such a cute Sabin ^_^
Emerwyn's Sabin - she did a great job at his true-form!
And Hikari Kourien finished up a long-time-ago contest entry piece for Poisey's and my joint contest - this is an awesome piece of the two characters' past and present backdropped against (on Sabin's side) the church window of St. Laurent du Pont.
Cute doodle from ChimeraNell ^^
One of several commissions of Drayke
Grimma's Dramatic Sabin
tyrranticus's Sabin portrait
babaha78's Cute, stylistish Sabin bust
Very smexy piece by Dr.Seiji of Sabin done in colored pencils :3
Ves's hilarious piece of Sabin in the bath.  A nod to the French watercolor bathroom paintings :3
Emerwyn's "movie poster" for the Island of Dr. Moreau (the version I help run on Gaia)- a version of Sabin being one of the doctors.
Kiniro Oniba's awesome pixel Sabin - also from the Island of Dr. Moreau version Sabin.
Antigra has been an awesome (and prolific!) Artist out of the IoDM thread :3 - She's been doing awesome sketch comics, portraits, and more - many featuring Sabin! 
Antigra's Zach and Sabin :3
Antigra's Sabin greeting Tommy to the Island >3
Antigra's Sabin and Josh
Antigra's Sabin portrait
Antigra's Sabin, Zach and Poufy- one of the players >3
Antigra's Sabin, Moreau, and James
Antigra's Sabin in the shirt he... had to borrow
Antigra's Sabin and Zach
Anya's Sabin sketch :D - Thanks so much!
Birvan's Chibi-ball Sabin ^_^
ChoasKirin's Sabin
DecayingThorn's Sabin
Digital Stiches's Spiffy Sabin in greentones
Grimma's Sabin commission - with a revamped background!
Taro Rae's Sabin, Moreau and Aubrey -a gift from The Poison Arrow <3
Sajhiri's Sabin quotebox - a birthday gift <3
Shikari Soda's amazing and most Sexy Sabin
[+Katch+]'s Sabin portrait - showing off his long face and largish nose :)
Antigra's parody piece, in reference to the IoDM RP - ahh, language barrier XD
Another Antigra parody - a possible explanation of Sabin's wardrobe
Antigra's Princess/Dragon parody.
Arafel's IoDM parody depiction of Sabin's "harem"
Emerwyn's IoDM parody - Sabin and his trademark hat >3
EvionVixen did a hilariously shoujo depiction of Sabin and "his" Dragon XD - I love IoDM parodies :XD
Mogami gifted me with several pieces of art that she didn't have time to ender in my contest.  Sabin and Sam :)
Mogami's Sabin and Sam sketch
Mogami's Sasbin portrait
And Mogami's Sam and ANju
rinoatilmitt also did a piece she didn't have time to enter in the contest - a lovely CG with great atmosphere!
Bilious's festive threadaversary banner for IoDM :D
[Short Story] Part two in an IoDM fanfic short story series that Emelyn wrote - this one is wonderfully written, from Sabin's POV - and a great characterization of modern Sabin's personality.
Bilious's spifftastic IoDM version Sabin, even with Beastie!
And a sketch by Bilious of Sabin and Zach.  Long story XD
Emerwyn's awesome, moody piece of the staff characters from IoDM
Emerwyn's execllent piece of her staff characer, Ginerva, and Sabin
Ginerva again... she's even crazier than Sabin XD - and has a crush on him...
And Emerwyn did two parts to a tranformation with Sabin - very cool! :D parts 1 and 2
Rachel-wanderer's Sabin true-form giftart
Reapersun's Fantabulous Sabin piece - I love that he really played up the scars, particularly the burn-scars around the wrists. 
And Reapersun gave me experimental sketches that he did before the final piece above.  All are very cool :D
And Ves's joke piece of Sayuri and Sabin from IoDM :3
Bilious's MASSIVE Chibi piece of nearly every IoDM Character!
[Emelyn Story] Another "Short" story by Emelyn - this one commissioned from a story auction she ran, also dealing with IoDM-version Sabin and going into his dilemmas as tensions heat up between him and Aubrey and the position on the island.
Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3
Excerpts, Alternate Endings, and Outtakes from the above Emelyn Fic
[Short Story] Mameoyashi's fiction entry to the IoDM art contest - a story that takes place during the hypothetical enddays of the island.
Articulate.Penguin's staff entry for the iodm art contest - a fair photograph theme
Cara Mitten's aweesome anju real media piece :D  Love the shadowies :3
Cara Mitten's accompanying concept sketch to the above anju
Emerwyn's professor Sabin piece :D
Emperial's Faboo Sabin CG piece looking quite elegant
And Emperial's "omake" pic that I love even more than the above - Sabin bust in trueform - which REALLY nailed the character for me, and I LOVE the smug grin.
EvionVixen's continuation of the injoke between Sabin, Zach, and Gaius from IoDM
martyk's entry to the IoDM art contest - Sabin's hat on fire!
mindsend's really spiffin layouted entry to the IoDM contest - Sabin, Aubrey and Moreau overlooking the island, with a bloody Jamal in the foreground
Orianna Dulcina Sabin ink bust - IoDM Art contest
Orianna Dulcina's group staff piece for the IoDM art contest
Rabid Jigglypuff's joke comic for the IoDM art contest
Orianna Dulcina's Entry to the IoDM art contest
Mindsend's Entry to the IoDM art contest - Gaius's worst Nightmare
Nikorasu-Kun's Entry to the IoDM art contest
Mogami's adorable Entries to the IoDM art contest - she did some absolutely adorable Sabin and some hilarious comics featuring him!
Minsend's chibi staff lineart Entry to the IoDM art contest
Arafel's thoughtful gift to Kamiki :3
Cyprexa's Entry to the IoDM art contest
[ . Mirage . ] 's Entry to the IoDM art contest
[+Katch+]'s Entry to the IoDM art contest
Chaipon's Entry to the IoDM art contest
dunnlop's Entry to the IoDM art contest
Enigmatic Phantasm's Entry to the IoDM art contest
ichasemonks Entry to the IoDM art contest
Ledah The Grim Angel's Entry to the IoDM art contest
Malice the Devilish Angel's Entry to the IoDM art contest
martyk's Entry to the IoDM art contest
Mouse Pachinkorelli's Entry to the IoDM art contest
Tenjou Shelly's Entry to the IoDM art contest
TheKarmaChameleon's Entry to the IoDM art contest
[Short Story] Ginchael's really neat historical IoDM fic entry
A.D. 1492 did a really neat, gritty, fantasy take of Sabin :D
bloodredcry did a lovely real media colored pencil Sabin
Cannira's Bishi tuxedo-mask-esque Sabin ^.^
Erised D. Sire did a very lovely Sabin in his style - I knew it would adapt well to the character ^.^
Felicific did a really neat, sketchy CG piece of Sabin :)
Hyrea did a very cool, dynamic pose - I love the feel of this one and the high magic :D
KIRAGOJIRA has a very cool, cel-style shaded Sabin looking quite sinister ^.^
Kurooo Akiraaa also has a style that meshed fabulously with Sabin ^.^  I really enjoy how this one turned out!
  And I'm getting a sketchbook from M a r l o w - here are some selections from it :)
Nymphenee had fun with this experimental style CG for her - lovely color use ^.^
Prodigy Wu's Sabin in her shoujo-esque style
Puppenmacher did this lovely portrait of Sabin and the Anju
Sayael/Raijin Loraine does really killer CG work - I LOVE the detailwork he integrates into clothes - they always look so crisp!
SeiKurosu has a fabulous eye for detail in this full pencil piece - even the additions of Sabin's own journal here :)
Spatterdash really captured a fun setting here - and I love Sabin's expression and the library setting :)
WoefulInfinity's Sabin and Anju with a really neat dramatic pose between the two of them :)
25cents did an adorable Chibi Sabin:)
As did bloodredcry26 - she surprised me with this adorable chibi!
Furesiya did this sophisticated-looking portrait of Sabin :)
[Short Story] Ghost Writing 101's short story as a part of a commissioned fanfiction package - a very intriguing perspective of Sabin's possession from the Anju's point of view
Kai-Shii did this lovely anime-style Sabin
And I love the intensity in Nillia's Sabin bust - A faboo gift art from the Gaia Vampire scourge of 07 ^.^
Oh! 1945 did this beautiful Sabin bust portrait - I love the soft coloring here
Rin Tau did a marker piece of Sabin and the Anju in a neat, different color scheme
Xaphiel's lovely anime-style Sabin looking smug
And Yu-Tan's anime-style Sabin clutching his journal :)
Arezou - The Dream Walker did this adorable Anju-blox :3
Arezou - The Dream Walker also did this lovely piece inspired by Sabin's avatar on Gaiaonline around the holidays after the release of some unicorn items ^.^
Arezou - The Dream Walker finall also did this faboo chibi Sabin - love the half-anju face :D
Asahi Kumoru decided to play with ethnic clothing - Sabin after all was a world traveller and did him in a traditional Turkish outfit.
Camy-Chan did this lovely anime-style bust portrait of him
Demoral put together this lovely piece with a positively magical looking background
Earthkid did this very characteristic portrait of Sabin!
Ellandi's sabin sketch has a lot of energy and magnetism
FluentSarcastist did a wonderful, brooding transforming Sabin. 
Iced Medication picked up on the line about Sabin getting very little sleep shortly after the birth of the twins and trying to get his degree ^.^  Adorable moment-in-time ^.^
Iced Medication also did this great professor Sabin sketch :D
Itasugen did this fantastic chibi Sabin~!
... as well as Itasugen's lovely halfbody nostalgic-looking Sabin
Khomi's nifty stylizided Sabin :D
Lady Kassurin's piece is very well thought out and executed - a wonderful, nostalgic with a lot of meaning behind both of the characters in this piece. 
And larger versions of the two cameo portraits at the top of the previous piece by Lady Kassurin
Omi's dynamic anime-style Sabin :D
Unibasu did this great piece - love the looming, monstrous Anju!
And Whizky's fabulous chibi Sabin with great Victorian atmosphere
The sketchbook commission from M a r l o w has arrived! ^.^  Here are scans of the pages that include Sabin :D
I won one of the slots on the Sayael's little helper auction and picked Budgie - a fantastic artist who does some drop-dead amazing realism.  He did a portrait of Sabin starting to shift to true-form :D
FinalFlight's trade with me of Sabin ^.^
Plumchan never finished the commission we had worked out, but she did end up with a nice ink drawing of Sabin
RagingHormones's Sabin piece :D
Kiragojira's adorable Sabin Chibi ^.^
!2ice's Snazzy Sabin & Anju piece - very comic-style, and it really pops :D
Psycho-kyuugirl's really professional-looking anime style Sabin!  Looks almost like it could be a still from an anime
London009's Sabin portrait - very neat texture work here ^.^
A piece of gift art from Godleydemon - Very sweet of him ^.^
Kiara Lime's gift art of a spifftastic Sabin Chibi with an anju plush
And another awesome gift piece from Kiara Lime!
xXNaix NightMareXx 's cool duo piece of Sabin and Ethan :3


CONTEST ART from Gaiaonline


Kamiki ran a contest on Gaia, not just with Samantha, but with ALL of her original characters.  To see ALL of the Entries Take a look here:  ENTRIES  She's got over 200 Entries so far of all her characters (Samantha Included) as well as a few pieces with Sabin alongside Samantha ^_^



My first Contest from Gaiaonline has the entries  HERE.

My second contest with bigger prizes and more prize categories over Gaiaonline ^_^.  Characters Eligible were both Ambrose and Sabin - so check out the AMAZING submitted entries HERE.

A joint-contest run with The Poison Arrow.  Entries are HERE.

A MASSIVE Joint art contest with Kamiki.  Entries are HERE.

"PURE GOLD" My Contest with Artwork of the versions of Sabin and Ambrose.  Entries are HERE

The Island of Dr. Moreau art contest, with Sabin as a staff-character: Entries are HERE.


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